My drawings and animations investigate the satellites, observatories, telescopes and structures that monitor the earth and the universe around it. Because they are often isolated and perform the same tasks over and over again, I ask myself if these instruments have patience. I am fascinated by what they discover by way of subtle shifts in endless information streams, or capturing an occasional rare "event" in the vast expanse of space and time. I wonder what characterizes an event, what defines change.

These questions are the starting point for my projects: research-based abstract narratives inspired by the slow processes of monitoring. My drawings and animations represent the two parts of these ongoing stories. Monitoring the architecture of science, a weekly drawing project distributed by email, is my way of monitoring these instruments that monitor for us, and their concrete moments of discovery. My animations reconsider the time in between when, seemingly, nothing is happening. I want to recreate this space of slow, but constant, activity — to make it equally as complex as a typical cosmic or earthly breakthrough.